Simple Changes Can Have Big Impact – Website Redesign

A New Website can be costly and not always completely necessary. Sometimes you can make a big impact by making small changes to your existing website.

Once you begin analyzing what’s not working with your website, you can start making small adjustments to your site to solve those issues.

Here’s a good example: The Naperville Jaycees website had used big banner images on each internal page with the Jaycee logo overlaying on the image. While the design was cool it made the content that website visitors were looking for hidden underneath the fold (the fold being when you need to scroll on your website to see more content) and the menu couldn’t have a drop down menu (so, they were running out of space for pages.

The solution: we got rid of the banner image on each page (moving the content higher up). We moved the logo to the header (not overlaying on anything). We simplified the Nav’s hover effect so that we could have drop-down menus and add social media icons to the top right header.

A few simple solutions that greatly improved the site’s engagement of the users and made more content on the site accessible (more pages on menu, social media icons and each page’s content).

Posted: February 17, 2015 - Blog

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