Blogging; The New Soft Cold Call

Have you ever found your perfect client but you just can’t figure out how to let them know that they need you?

I run into this all the time. Every time I land onto a reputable business’s busted website I wonder how they stay afloat with such an aesthetic and functional atrocity.

Here’s the problem, you can’t just walk up to their face and tell them that. I struggled with this so much… and a few times I even tried the honesty method. Ha! The “what you have is crap” method has never worked.

The “what you have is crap” method has never worked.

It’s easy when someone is looking for your product, but when they already think what they have is great and you try to tell them they’re misinformed they put all their defenses up. No matter what quality information you have to give to them, they won’t be listening.

So how can you get them to listen to you? Most importantly how can you build trust and gain their confidence?

Always try to sincerly give freely, in the end you’ll benefit.

I have always found giving freely will always benefit you in the end. So, try to think about how you can help them without intending to benefit yourself in the process. ***I should note that your intentions need to be sincere, people sniff out the insincerity and will send you packing.

Your instructions:

  • Identify the problem that your prospect is facing
  • Identify the solutions that could help your prospect resolve these problems
  • Blog about your findings
  • Write to your prospect, “I found this article that I know you’ll enjoy and benefit from”

So in the case of the awful website, I identify the fact that their website not only looks atrocious, but their website doesn’t show up in search results, there are broken links on the website, and it is hard to find critical information. So what are some possible solutions? Their website could use Search Engine Optimization, the broken links could be fixed and some information could be reorganized. So what could I blog about? I could blog about: “How to check if your website is showing up in Search Results” or “Simple User Testing: Ensuring your customers can find what they’re looking for on your website”.

I could then send a casual email to my prospect saying:

I know you’re an entrepreneur and your website is critical part of driving new business, I have this article that I thought you may benefit from.

If your article was well written and actually delivers helpful solutions for them, they’ll be very appreciative of your help! Also, when they discover that you wrote the blog, you have effectively set yourself as the expert on that topic. Finally, whether or not you get that client or not, the likelihood of other prospects facing the same problems as that prospect are very high. You’ll start to create a database full of useful information for all prospects, and you’ll secure yourself as an expert in your field.

Blogging; The New Soft Cold Call


Posted: February 15, 2012 - Blog

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