31.58% Effectiveness12 / 38 Tasks Completed for Dec 17 - Dec 23, 2018

  • Monday 100% 9 / 9 Tasks CompletedPublished on: Tuesday 1:42 am
  • Tuesday 21.43% 3 / 14 Tasks CompletedPublished on: Tuesday 1:42 am
  • Wednesday 0% 0 / 15 Tasks CompletedPublished on: Wednesday 11:40 pm

Tuesday was a day where I ended up allowing myself fall victim to incoming demands. The Jaycee board meeting was that evening and I had planned on working on Jaycee items at the end of the work day… but the phones calls kept coming in looking for updates and it ended up drawing all of my attention. Sigh. Well, it’ll all be over soon… 🙂

Thursday at 6am we left to go on vacation. So, there will be no tracking from Thursday Dec. 20th through Sunday Dec. 30th.

I’ll be back in full gear Monday, December 31st 2018.

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